Ubiquity has been at the forefront of providing small businesses with low-cost, efficient retirement plans with top-rated customer service1. Here’s a comprehensive guide answering all your queries related to 401(k) plans. 

General 401(k) Questions

What is a 401(k) plan?
How does a 401(k) plan benefit employees?
How does an employer set up a 401(k) plan?
What are the contribution limits for a 401(k) plan?
Can employers match an employee's contribution?
How are 401(k) investments taxed?
Do I have any recordkeeping or reporting obligations with a Ubiquity 401(k)?
When is the deadline to start a 401(k) plan?

401(k) Contributions

Can I increase or decrease my contributions?
How often should I review and adjust my contributions?

401(k) Investments

What investment options are available within a 401(k)?

401(k) Hardship Withdrawals

What is a Hardship Withdrawal?
Can I take a hardship withdrawal from my 401(k) plan?
What documentation is required?
What are the tax consequences of taking a hardship withdrawal?

Roth 401(k)

What is a Roth 401(k)?
Can my plan offer only Roth contributions?
Can distributions from a Roth account be rolled over?
Do Roth contributions need to be reported separately from wages, tips, and other compensation on the Form W-2?
Can I recategorize contributions and transfer them out of my Roth 401(k)?
How much may I contribute to my Roth account?
Can I make both pre-tax contributions and Roth (after-tax) contributions in the same year?

Getting Started

Can part-time employees participate in a 401(k) plan?
How long does it take for a 401(k) to be active once initiated?
Can I transfer my old 401(k) to a new employer's plan?
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Ubiquity is not a registered investment advisor, and the information provided herein should not be considered legal or tax advice. We recommend consulting with your financial planner, attorney, and/or tax advisor for personalized advice.

1 Please refer to Important Information for details.

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