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USA Today
24 Aug 2017

USA Today: 10 Essential Financial Life Lessons

USA Today contributor, Trae Bodge talks with Ubiquity Retirement + Savings' Founder and CEO, Chad…

Small Business Connection
16 Aug 2017

Small Business Connection: What to Look For in a 401k

Ubiquity Retirement + Savings offers guidance on what to look for in a 401k, including…

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Inc. Magazine
4 Aug 2017

Inc. Magazine: 26 Favorite Books of High Achievers

Inc. Magazine contributor, Christina DesMarais gets Founder and CEO for Ubiquity Retirement + Savings, Chad Parks's…

San Diego Tribune
4 Aug 2017

The San Diego Tribune: 5 Steps to Rebalance Your 401k like a Pro

The San Diego Tribune speaks with Andrew Meadows, SVP of HR, Brand, and Culture at…

3 Aug 2017

TheStreet: You Need These Under-the-Radar But Highly Effective Mobile Finance Apps

TheStreet's reporter Brian O'Connell gets advice on apps that help you save more without having to…

“I have never.....I mean NEVER worked with a better Customer Service Crew before and my background is Customer Service! They are all fantastic. Love, Love Love Catherine, Doug and the rest of the crew!”
- Sharon Hampton, Stepp Manufacturing Co.
The Cheat Sheet
31 Jul 2017

CheetSheet: 5 Things You Should Never Say in a Job Performance Review

Ubiquity Retirement + Savings speaks with the CheatSheet and offers advice on how to get…

The Cheat Sheet
28 Jul 2017

CheatSheet: 5 Surprising Retirement Myths That Just Got Debunked

Ubiquity Retirement + Savings' Saver Ambassador, Mich Wells talks with Eric McWhinnie of the CheatSheet about…

Reader's Digest
26 Jun 2017

Reader’s Digest: 16 Money Mistakes Everyone Has Made—Even Financial Experts

Reader's Digest reporter Trae Bodge talks with Andrew Meadows, SVP of HR, Brand, and Culture…

Reader's Digest
22 Jun 2017

Reader’s Digest: 8 Smart Things Financial Experts Would Do If They Landed Some Extra Cash

Reader's Digest reporter Trae Bodge spoke with Ubiquity Retirement + Savings' SVP of HR, Brand,…

US News & World Report
19 Jun 2017

U.S. News & World Report: Small Business Owners Can Improve Employee Retirement Planning

Brian O'Connell of U.S. News & World Report spoke with Chad Parks, Founder and CEO…

The Cheat Sheet
17 Jun 2017

CheatSheet: 15 Retirement Statistics That Will Scare the Crap Out of You

The Cheat Sheet lists Ubiquity Retirement + Savings one of the top best affordable solutions…

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