Andrew Meadows

Andrew Meadows brings over two decades of experience in the retirement savings space to his role as SVP of HR, Brand, + Culture at Ubiquity. He specializes in building new and innovative processes to better manage key client relationships and partnerships, maintain consistent internal and external brand messaging and cultivate the unique company culture that sets Ubiquity apart. Andrew is a passionate advocate for savers and small businesses and is frequently called upon by distinguished members of the media such as The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, and for his expert insight on these areas. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science from Appalachian State University.

Andrew's Articles

Can I Take a Loan From My 401(k)?
2 Jan 2018

Can You Take a Loan From Your 401(k)?

This week’s question comes from Casey who asked whether you need a spouse’s consent before…

mature photographer capturing travel scenery
10 Nov 2017

Why You Should Work Through Retirement

What comes to mind when you hear the word “retirement”? Perhaps you picture spending all…

Intersection of Saving and Retirement.
30 Sep 2017

TheThree-Legged Stool of Retirement Doesn’t Work Anymore

Have you ever heard of the three-legged stool of retirement? Back in our parents’ and…

Stacks of coins growing
27 Sep 2017

How Compound Interest Works

What is Compound Interest?  Merriam-Webster defines compound interest as: Interest computed on the sum of…

Hands stretched out on a laptop working
24 Sep 2017

5 Steps to 401(k) Rollover

Congrats! You’ve got a new job, your desk is packed, and you’re ready to fully…

8 Aug 2017

Retirement on a Shoestring

Retirement? No. Work till your dead? Yes. My father is older than my mother, although…

Pink piggybank with coins scattered around
21 Jul 2017

Signing Up for Your First Retirement Plan

Congrats! You graduated college and accepted your first full-time position. The transition from college life to…

17 Jul 2017

Handling Heartfelt Hardships

When I think of summertime, hardships are not what immediately comes to mind. For many,…

Pile of dollar bills.
16 Jun 2017

Learn These Terms Before You Take That 401(k) Loan

What can you do if you need cash, don't have adequate savings, and taking out…

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