Robby Forsythe

Robby Forsythe, Sr. Retirement Plan Consultant  For over a dozen years, Robby has served Ubiquity’s sales team empowering and educating business owners and C-level executives to help them launch retirement plans that are customized specifically for their businesses. A dedicated champion of small business success, he has installed over 4,000 new 401(k) plans over the past 13 years. A graduate of Azusa Pacific College, Robby lives in Arizona. 

Robby's Articles

Top tips with drawing of megaphone yellow banner in 3D style
23 Jun 2023

5 Retirement Planning Tips for Small Business Owners

Retirement planning is an important part of everyone’s financial picture–but it’s especially important for small…

Small business calculator
22 Jun 2023

How to Use a Retirement Income Calculator for Small Business 401(k)

Life expectancy is on the rise—and so is inflation. Is your small business 401(k) plan…

Illustration: Two people writing on a giant laptop/tablet.
25 May 2023

How to Create a Great 401(k) Plan

As a small business owner, ensuring that your employees are well taken care of is…

graphic of a compass pointing to the future
9 May 2023

The Impact of 401(k) Plans on Your Small Business’s Future

CEO. Human resources manager. Marketing lead. As a small business owner, you wear many hats.…

Sailboats in harbor
5 Apr 2023

Benefits of a Safe Harbor Provisioned 401(k) Plan

If you are a small business owner, you may have considered offering your employees a…

9 Mar 2023

5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Should Offer a 401(k) Plan

Attracting and retaining top talent can be challenging for small business owners. You may be…

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