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28 Sep 2022

Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans: Q & A 

Small businesses have a myriad of retirement plan options. One is a Safe Harbor 401(k)…

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28 Sep 2022

How the Downturn Can Turn You into a Bargain Hunter

Guest post by Andrew Meadows, SVP of HR, Brand + Culture The stock market has…

Illinois flag with eagle, USA crest, sunrise
26 Sep 2022

A Business Owner’s Guide to the IL Secure Choice Program 

55 million American workers—more than 40% of full-time, private-sector employees—don’t have access to a workplace…

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23 Sep 2022

4 Reasons to Open a 401(k) Before the End of the Year

With the end of the year fast approaching, many small business owners are looking for…

Graphic image of laptop computer open with images of pie charts, magnifying glass, calculators, and two tiny people standing in puzzlement.
16 Sep 2022

How New Comparability 401(k) Plans Benefit Small Business Owners 

New comparability 401(k) plans are set up so that employers can create customized retirement plan…

Photo of man's hand giving the thumb's up. Yellow streaks like fireworks are drawn in around his hand and the words Thank You!!! are written in blue.
16 Sep 2022

Why Advisors Always Thank Me This Time of Year

Guest post by Jason Gross, National Sales & Development Director  One of my financial advisor…

Photo of building/door exterior of IRS building with lots of intidmidating signs such as Appointment Required.
16 Sep 2022

Why the IRS’s New $80 Billion Budget Matters to Your Small Business

Guest post by Robby Forsythe, Senior Retirement Plan Consultant Why was the seafood restaurant being…

Graphic of a man holding a clipboard and gesturing at large floating coins and bills with a calendar nearby
14 Sep 2022

How Does 401(k) Employer Matching Work? 

A 401(k) is the standard retirement plan offered by companies across the nation as part…

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29 Aug 2022

How to Stay Compliant for 401(k) Nondiscrimination Testing

The end of the year means a lot of things for small business owners: closing…

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25 Aug 2022

What to Do if You Miss the CalSavers Deadline 

The June 30, 2022, CalSavers enrollment deadline has passed. California businesses that have at least…

calculator being held by a white man's hand superimposed over some tax forms while the other hand holds a magnifiying glass over the calculator to reveal the word TAX
9 Aug 2022

Small Business Owner’s Guide to SECURE ACT Tax Credits

If you’ve held off on providing a 401(k) plan to your employees in the past…


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© 2023 Ubiquity Retirement + Savings
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44 Montgomery Street, Suite 3060
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