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Find Out the Difference Between Millennials and Boomers Retirement Savings



After five years of experience leading a TPA call center in North Carolina, Andrew decided to move west to explore parts unknown and follow his passion of helping others. Walking through the doors of Ubiquity Retirement + Savings, formerly The Online 401(k) for the first time, he knew he’d found something special. Continuing to delight clients and partners alike and 10 years later, Andrew has been able to develop new teams, co-found a non-profit of strategic alliances, co-produce a hard-hitting documentary about the looming retirement crisis, and still had time to spread the savings gospel far and wide. Using social media and actual media alike (Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, PlanSponsor, and more), you’ll find no one who likes talking retirement more than this guy!


January 14, 2016 at 7:00 am
Personal Finance


Millennials and boomers are constantly being compared in the media as generations with conflicting goals, challenges and lifestyles.

We were intrigued by the results in this T. Rowe Price study, which found the two generations’ are saving about the same while their budgeting habits differ. The study compared their retirement plan contributions, budgeting practices and auto-enrollment preferences.

After checking out the study, we compiled the most compelling statistics for you into an infographic. Check it out!

How do you think millennials and boomers differ when it comes to the way they approach their finances? How are they the same? Tweet me your thoughts @coolest401kguy!