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Peace-of-mind and body, built in

Don’t let health care costs creep up on you. With a HSA from Ubiquity, you’ve got added pre-tax benefits for the unforeseen.

Your health just became hassle-free.

Lower your taxes

Get pre-tax savings for your qualified health care expenses. If you have high-deductible health insurance, a HSA from Ubiquity can provide that extra level of coverage on high-deductible plans.

Grow your savings

Use your FDIC-insured deposits that gain tax-free interest for your health, and then use those savings post-retirement for non-medical expenses without penalty.

Get portable health

You own your HSA contributions even if you change jobs or health plans. Plus, the added convenience of managing your account on the go.

It’s not rocket science, but it can seem like it. Learn about all things HSA, including the basics, calculators that ensure you are saving enough, and more.

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