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Healthier saving, healthier YOU. Welcome to your multi-tiered safety net.

Take control of your health care with a Health Savings Account (HSA) that reduces your taxable income, while empowering you with mobile apps, tools, and flexible options that turbo boost your savings now, and in the future.

Getting started

Whether you’re a company looking to enhance your health care offering, or just an individual looking to do the same, Ubiquity has partnered with HealthEquity® to offer health care options that will help you save smarter.

With pre-tax dollars that pay for life’s unexpected health events and with more of your money securely in your virtual pocket, you can move through life with greater peace-of-mind, knowing that you are paying less to the IRS, while paying more to you.


DIY health care

Lower your taxes with an FDIC-insured health care solution that always has your back.

With a Ubiquity HSA powered by HealthEquity, you achieve immediate and long-term benefits, because those savings are always yours and continue to grow tax-free, year-over-year.

There is no “use it or lose it” clause.

Learn more about an individual HSA, today.

Your existing plan made better

With a HSA, you can offer the best consumer experience to your employees

HSAs are a great tax shelter for your business and your employees. Deposits earn tax-free interest, health care expenses are tax exempt, taxable income is reduced, and HSA cash balances are FDIC-insured. Plus, funds can be used post-retirement for non-medical expenses without penalty.

With a HSA plan, you can be ahead of the game and alleviate ‘Cadillac taxes’.

Learn more about a Group HSA, today.