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Is myRA myRedundant?



Amanda wants to live in a world where retirement security is no longer a dream. When she’s not nerding out on social media, you can find her exploring life through her motto, “live life like a curious child with a meticulous attention to details.” Her retirement goals are to travel and own a French vineyard. Happy saving #SaverNation


December 2, 2015 at 11:58 am


Kate Crowther, Director of Government Relations at Ubiquity Retirement + Savings spoke with Christopher Carosa at Fiduciary News about the relaunch of myRA.

“The program was compulsory for employers, but employees had the option to opt-out if they so choose. All employers with 10 or more employees would be required to participate and make this savings option available to their employees by simply creating one small additional step to the payroll process. Despite bi-partisan support, and a campaign effort by Vice President Biden, the program gained little traction and was not able to be implemented,” said Crowther.

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