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Born in America and headquartered in San Francisco

Our Founder and CEO, Chad Parks, was working as a Certified Financial Planner back in the 1990s when he realized the small business market was sorely under-served when it came to affordable retirement savings plans. 

Starting out as The Online 401(k), our company established to help pave a smoother road to retirement for small businesses and their employees, while exposing the industry’s hidden fees that eat away at retirement savings balances. While it may not make us very popular with the competition, we’re bringing more transparency to the industry. In fact, we’ve taken the fight all the way to Capitol Hill.

What started out in a humble home office, now spans from coast-t0-coast, with headquarters in San Francisco and micro-offices around the country including Los Angeles, Austin, Boston, and New York City.

In late 2014, The Online 401(k) went through a brand evolution, as we began expanding our service offering beyond 401(k). That’s when Ubiquity Retirement + Savings was born.

Ubiquity is the state of being everywhere, all the time. Now with Ubiquity, we can provide you with more of everything you’re looking for, and with a pioneering and proven company that’s been altering the course of the retirement industry since we opened our doors in 1999.