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Of the more than five million small businesses in the United States, just 14% currently sponsor a 401(k) plan. That leaves millions of small businesses and their employees without access to retirement savings—and creates a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on this growing market need.

Most financial firms, however, have long struggled to find a profitable business model to establish and service these small and micro-small accounts.

Ubiquity Retirement + Savings, the original low-cost, flat-fee 401(k) plan provider, makes it easy to expand into this vast—and vastly unserved—market segment. We have been serving small businesses and sole proprietors across all 50 states since 1999. Using our turnkey white-label solution and fully automated self-service platform, you can deliver retirement plans designed from the ground up for the budget-conscientious small business customer. Extend your footprint into the vast and growing startup and small business segment—with little effort, and at zero cost to you.


401(k) institutions – break into the small business market

For large 401(k) institutions, small businesses represent a huge untapped market—but a tough economic challenge to serve.

Use our white label 401(k) solution to bring industry-leading flat-fee retirement savings to the small and micro-small business segment—including your exclusive investment lineup—at no cost to you.

With our fully automated, proprietary self-service platform, your customers can set up their plans fast. Capitalize on this vastly underserved market—without adding to your bottom line.

Institutional partners

HCM and payroll providers – seamless 401(k) solutions for small business clients

Human Capital Management (HCM) and payroll providers deliver simple, cost-effective solutions for all of their clients’ payroll and benefits needs.

All of them that is, except retirement savings—leaving an opening for competitors. Ubiquity’s turnkey 401(k) solution can plug directly into your platform, with 360-degree payroll integration.

Deliver a seamless client experience across the entire benefits stack and grow your bottom line—at zero cost to your business.

HCM and Payroll Providers
“I have been using their online recordkeeping system for a few years now and they got it right. The simplicity of the system allows Participants, Plan Sponsors and Advisers the information they need right at their fingertips in a clean modern view. Built with an easy flat fee pricing model makes billing easy and understandable! By focusing on the right information, they have organized a system that just works for everyone.”
- Rone J. Davis, AIF®, CLU®, ChFC®, MSFS Chief Investment Officer, Daviman Financial LLC,
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Financial advisors – grow your revenues with small business 401(k) solutions

Your clients trust you to meet all of their financial and wealth management needs.

However, when clients with small businesses want the tax advantages of a 401(k), you typically have few good options. Bring the industry’s only advisor-centric, low-cost, flat-fee 401(k) solution to your small business customers—under your brand, or as a co-branded solution.

We handle all the complexity of 401(k) administration—recordkeeping, servicing and compliance—at no cost to you.

Let us do the heavy lifting, while you grow your business.

Financial advisors

Broker dealers – small business 401(k) solutions your advisors can trust

Your advisors are critical partners in your business—and they are looking to you for guidance on the best products for their customers.

However, when they need a 401(k) solution for a startup or small business client, you likely have few good answers. As the original flat-fee 401(k) plan provider since 1999, Ubiquity brings industry-leading low-cost 401(k) solutions designed specifically for small businesses.

We take on the recordkeeping, compliance, administration, and servicing at no cost to them. Your advisors can grow their business, confident they are taken care of by a partner they can trust.

Broker dealers
“By partnering our services, we can provide a streamlined solution that empowers employees to make decisions about consumer-driven healthcare creating a long term plan for retirement savings.”
- Jon Kessler, President and CEO, HealthEquity
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