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Meet the growing need for small business retirement savings

As a broker-dealer, your advisor partners play a critical role in your business. At the same time, they are relying on you for guidance on the best products for their customers.

In most cases, you can offer excellent options to meet their needs. However, what happens when a client operates a small business and wants the tax advantages of a 401(k)? All of a sudden, there are few good answers.

You could direct them to a traditional 401(k) provider, but most offer only plans designed for large companies, with features that small businesses do not need and at prices they cannot afford.

Alternatively, you could recommend one of the emerging small business retirement startups—and roll the dice that they will adequately service those highly regulated accounts, without exposing your advisors to significant risk.

Ubiquity Retirement + Savings™, the leading flat-fee 401(k) plan provider since 1999, offers the industry’s only advisor-centric, low-cost 401(k) solution designed specifically for the startup and small business segment.

We manage the entire 401(k) process on your advisors’ behalf, handling all aspects of recordkeeping, compliance, administration, and servicing. Your advisors can better serve their small business customers and expand their business in this fast-growing and unserved segment. Meanwhile, you can grow your revenues with exclusive 401(k) investment lineups, and rest easy knowing that your advisors are working with a partner they can trust.

Tackling the small business 401(k) challenge

Of the more than five million small businesses with fewer than 100 employees in the United States, just 14%, or roughly 735,000, currently sponsor a retirement plan. That leaves over four million small businesses and their employees without access.

Percentage of small businesses by size, offering a retirement plan:

1-4 employees


5-11 employees


12-25 employees


25-100 employees



This represents a massive opportunity for your advisor partners to expand their business in this vastly underserved market segment.

However, for most of them, trying to break into 401(k) retirement savings would represent a significant investment in time and training, as well as significant new compliance risk.

Fortunately, your advisors do not have to take on the task of establishing and servicing a new, highly regulated line of business on their own.

Ubiquity, the industry leader in small business retirement savings for nearly two decades, can seamlessly integrate our 401(k) solutions into your advisors’ existing platforms and portfolios—at zero cost to them.

We handle all the work and compliance requirements, so your advisor partners can focus on growing their business.

Everything you need to know about 401(k) fees and cost.

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Easy 401(k) solutions for small business clients

Ubiquity makes it easy for advisors to bring retirement savings to their startup and small business clients. Our low-cost, flat-fee retirement plans are designed from the ground up specifically for the underserved and budget-conscientious small business customer. We provide the insights, resources, and state-of-the-art technology platform to help advisors grow their business. They can reap the rewards of offering a one-stop shop for all their small business clients’ financial management needs—without shouldering the time, costs and risk of managing 401(k) plans themselves.

401(k) expertise you can trust

You may be understandably leery about directing your partners to a 401(k) recordkeeper/Third-Party Administrator (TPA). As a highly regulated fiduciary process, every step the TPA takes is subject to scrutiny.

Ubiquity developed Paradigm™, a proven, proprietary technology platform and an 20-year track record of profitably serving the small business 401(k) market. If you are looking for a partner, you can rely on to bring robust, compliant 401(k) options to your advisors and their clients, trust the longtime industry leader in flat-fee small business retirement savings.

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We do the work, your advisors reap the rewards

For financial advisors, expanding into small business 401(k) plans mean taking on a huge amount of new work and risk.

Combine training, client sales calls, crafting investment lineups, establishing plans, tracking down participants for enrollments, answering complex questions—not to mention a massive amount of record-keeping, all under rigorous regulatory standards—and most advisors are effectively looking at a new full-time job.

With Ubiquity, advisors can simply direct clients to our platform, and our small business retirement experts handle the rest, including sales, service, enrollment, recordkeeping, administration, and compliance. Your advisors and their clients get industry-leading and low-cost retirement savings with dedicated support from our U.S.-based servicing teams every step of the way. We make sure your advisors stay safe and compliant, delivering all the data and backup they need including robust reporting. Meanwhile, they can expand into this huge and growing market segment—extending your investment lineup to new customers and growing their businesses.

Serve the startup and small business 401(k) segment

With Ubiquity’s turnkey solution, advisors’ startup and small business clients can access the industry’s leading low-cost 401(k) platform.

Our 401(k) plans are designed and priced specifically for small businesses with under 100 employees—with a dedicated focus on startups and micro-small accounts with under 25 employees. Our flat-fee, zero-asset-minimum solutions have already helped thousands of businesses and their employees save more than $2 billion towards their retirement.

Integrated 401(k) Solutions—in Minutes

Using our proprietary Paradigm software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, your advisors can offer affordable, Department of Labor (DOL)-compliant 401(k) plans that are fully integrated with their existing platforms.

We can provide exclusive investment line-ups to grow your revenues (and your advisors’ referrals). Moreover, through our open API, we can even integrate a wide range of payroll, Human Capital Management (HCM), benefits administration and other partner platforms.

Your advisors can deliver the full spectrum of small business financial services with a single, consistent client experience under their brand, with little or no effort, at no cost to them.

The best part: with our industry-leading proprietary technology, their clients can get new 401(k) plans up and running in an average of just 15 minutes—on their own, through our fully automated self-service platform.

“By partnering our services, we can provide a streamlined solution that empowers employees to make decisions about consumer-driven healthcare creating a long term plan for retirement savings.”
- Jon Kessler, President and CEO, HealthEquity

“I was a plan participant at Ubiquity at my former company during the period when they upgraded their system. There was 100% transparent communication during the entire process. I started my own company and we are using them as our 401(k) plan administrator. The customer service has been spectacular, and their ability to work with my team to educate them on the importance of retirement savings surpasses any other provider I've used. The team is amazing and their pricing and products are better than all the other providers I compared them against.”

- Jason Manuel, Razor Rank LLC
Let us help you capitalize on this vast startup and small business retirement market—with minimal effort and zero cost to you.
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