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Can I roll over my current retirement plan into the Single(k) account?

It depends on the type of plan or account from which you’re intending to roll over the funds.

If you have a rollover or conduit IRA, profit-sharing plan, or 401(k) plan: Your pre-tax funds can be rolled into the Single(k) plan. The Single(k) plan does not allow Roth rollovers into the plan.

If you have a SEP, SIMPLE, Money Purchase Plan or Contributory IRA: Please e-mail us at or call us at 855.401.4357 Option 3 to discuss what you can do.

If you have contributed to a SIMPLE plan this year, you can only establish a Single(k) for the next calendar year. Government regulations do not allow you to contribute to a SIMPLE and establish a 401(k) in the same year.

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