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How do I get started?

Set up and fund your Single(k) plan in three steps.

  • Step 1: You will need your EIN and credit card information to complete the online sign-up process.
    (Don’t have an EIN? Click here to apply for one on the IRS Web site.)



  • Step 3: Complete and return the necessary documents.
    (We’ll send you what you need.)


Once you sign up online, we’ll send you a link to your Adoption Agreement and any other forms that need to be completed and returned to us.

Schwab clients:
If you choose Schwab as your brokerage firm, you’ll need to complete and return the necessary Schwab applications. (See below for information on Roth.)

About 10–14 business days after we receive your documents, you will receive a Welcome Kit with your new Schwab account number and instructions on how to start saving.


Other brokerage firm (not Schwab):
If you select a brokerage firm other than Schwab, you will need to contact that firm and set up an account for your business. The name of the account should be [Your Company Name or Your Name (if sole proprietor)] Retirement Trust.


Note for funding Roth (after-tax) contributions:
If you plan to make after-tax Roth contributions, you MUST open an additional brokerage account and name it [Your Company Name] Roth Retirement Trust; pre-tax and after-tax contributions can not be commingled in the same account.

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