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How do I set up and manage my Single(k) plan?

  • Sign upSign up for Single(k) and return the necessary documents to our office.
  • Follow your plan documents — Once the plan is set up, you’ll need to follow the plan provisions:
    • Fund your Single(k) plan with your contributions on time and
    • Invest those contributions through the investment vehicle of your choice.
    • Monitor your balance and complete any necessary tax-related forms:
      • Submit annual tax reporting (the Form 5500) if your 401(k) assets reach $260,000 by December 31st.
      • File a Form 1099-R with the IRS anytime you withdraw money from your 401(k) plan (excluding loans).

    We can prepare your tax forms for you for a $195 fee ( or 855.401.HELP [4357] Option 3), or you can have your accountant prepare this for you.

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