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Is my Single(k) protected against creditors and/or lawsuits?

No. In order to receive that type of protection, you must have a plan that covers at least one other employee besides the owner, partner or family member.

How do I set up and manage my Single(k) plan?

Sign up — Sign up for Single(k) and return the necessary documents to our office. Follow your plan documents — Once the plan is set up, you’ll need to follow the plan provisions: Fund your Single(k) plan with your contributions on time and Invest those contributions through the investment vehicle of your choice. Monitor your…

How does Single(k) work?

The Single(k) retirement plan combines the convenience of 401(k) payroll deductions with the flexibility of a profit-sharing plan. With Single(k), you can set aside pre-tax or Roth (after-tax) money and also make a profit-sharing contribution if you so choose, allowing you to save up to [contribution_total_individual() {] in ([contribution_total_individual_50_or_older() {] if you are age 50…

What is a Single(k)?

Single(k) is a flexible, easy and cost-effective way for a business owner like you to maximize your retirement savings. With tax-deferred savings of up to [contribution_total_individual() {] for ([contribution_total_individual_50_or_older() {] if you are age 50 or older), Single(k) offers all the savings potential of a typical 401(k) plan, but it’s designed specifically for owner-only businesses or…