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Post Mayan Apocalypse, 2013



As VP of Brand + Creative for Ubiquity, Sylvia is a creatively driven entrepreneur with an unprecedented passion for the written word. With over 22 years in marketing and advertising and titles ranging from Director to CMO, Sylvia has worked with mega giants including Intel, Microsoft, IGN Entertainment, Activision, and Apple. She has also worked on projects with Jack Johnson, Mariah Carey, Denise Richards and YMCMB’s Lil’ Wayne and Birdman. Most recently, Sylvia co-produced Broken Eggs, the hard-hitting, feature-length documentary about the looming retirement crisis in America.


January 17, 2013 at 10:00 am
Personal Finance


Well that’s just great. Here I was, relying on the end of the world to happen on 12/21/12, and it didn’t, so now I have to behave responsibly for the foreseeable future.

Which sucks because I seriously was planning on becoming a debt-free planetary being in my super sleek, sexy, and all paid for interplanetary spaceship. The bumper sticker on said spaceship would read:

“Thanks Mayans! That’s one way to get out of paying taxes.”

Since the debt-free spaceship idea is out of the question (for now), I’ve got to really start thinking about where I can cut back in order to start saving. I’ve got some calculations for you, based on my current age of 39 and wanting to retire at age 67. Now, we’ll have this calculator for you soon, so I can’t reveal it to you just yet—but in the meantime, here are a couple of my habits and what they could mean savings wise at retirement, if I cut them!

By the numbers:

What I’m CuttingRetirement Savings
3 glasses of wine per week ($6 per – think more like a bottle)$100,831
4 meals out per week ($25 per)$420,128
2 packs of cigarettes per month*$12,927
Impulse purchases per month (at $40 a pop)$155,124

*Look. I’m trying to quit, it’s a start. Right?!

Over a half a million dollars. Shut up. Okay, seriously. SHUT UP!

Now, if you are a coffee drinker, you might be taking that top number that is wine, and instead saying you’ll cut out 4-5 lattes a week. That is a lot of lattes. And think, this is me here, who is 39. If you are, for instance, 25 and retiring at 67, those 3 glasses of wine or 4-5 lattes per week would add up to a hot $295,068, give or take a latte.

It doesn’t take a genius (clearly, I’m the one doing the calculating) to realize what small goals, and small changes can do for your bottom line.

So what small changes can you make?

Stay classy, America.

Sylvia aka Debt Girl