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Questions for Graduates



After graduating from UC Berkeley, Victor Rose started working in the retirement world via Carlson, Quinn & Associates. He found his way to Ubiquity Retirement + Savings, formerly The Online 401(k) in 2009 and his world has never been same. He transitioned into his role as Project Manager and enjoys the intricacies of special projects and the joys of working with others towards the ultimate goal of providing our clients with an excellent savings experience. Victor enjoys meditation in all forms, especially watching mindless TV, Off The Grid food trucks, helping others and raconteurs par excellence.


June 3, 2013 at 12:44 pm
Personal Finance


“Mountain top in sight
Muscled legs grip shaky earth
Lungs drink air with thirst”

Graduation for most people is either a memory or a dream.

It is a moment floating on the sea of time surrounded by hope and exhilaration.

Graduates are used to questions they can answer; perhaps this would be a good time to reflect on these riddles:

If your graduation is a culmination, an apotheosis, what seeds release from that moment?

What happens between your graduation and retirement?

Will you bother to plant so that you may later sow or will you browse from the landscape as you meander down your path?

Will you water your dreams with your sweat or your tears?

Do your dreams ferment and become wine or vinegar?

Helen Keller once wrote “Life is a Daring Adventure or nothing at all.” Do you accept this as an answer?