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As VP of Brand + Creative for Ubiquity, Sylvia is a creatively driven entrepreneur with an unprecedented passion for the written word. With over 22 years in marketing and advertising and titles ranging from Director to CMO, Sylvia has worked with mega giants including Intel, Microsoft, IGN Entertainment, Activision, and Apple. She has also worked on projects with Jack Johnson, Mariah Carey, Denise Richards and YMCMB’s Lil’ Wayne and Birdman. Most recently, Sylvia co-produced Broken Eggs, the hard-hitting, feature-length documentary about the looming retirement crisis in America.


December 1, 2011 at 4:00 pm


Your 401(k), 403(b) or other similar plan isn’t free. In fact, it’s probably pretty expensive, costing you tens of thousands of dollars in lost retirement money over the course of your career.

But just try to figure out how those costs break down. Several weeks ago, I talked about the biggest cost, the underlying expenses of the mutual funds in your plan. You can keep those low by begging your employer for more low-cost index funds, which have the added benefit of outperforming most actively managed funds over the long haul.

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