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Small business Lead Generation in 2015 – Our Story


Craig Howell has spent the last seven years in business development with Ubiquity Retirement + Savings, a FinTech organization focused on delivering simple, low-cost, retirement savings plans for small businesses and their employees.


May 22, 2015 at 12:31 pm
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Does this B2B marketing anecdote register?

I contribute to lead generation for 15-year old enterprise that sells retirement plans to  small business. We’ve built a solid and growing business for ourselves, primarily by distributing through third parties and business partners.  We also have a solid 10-year track record of direct marketing, and we’ve always prided ourselves, at least for a business of our size, as progressive users of marketing and CRM tech:

  • SEM/ SEO since the mid-2000’s
  • Salesforce since 2005
  • Marketo since 2011

I mean, that’s pretty progressive for a small business, right?

Despite our efforts, direct results plateaued, and we knew we were losing out.  So, this first half of 2015, we took assessed our direct marketing business by re-interviewing our current vendors, inserting ourselves in communities like SaaStr, and rebuilding our vision with expert consultants (nod to my friends at Upshift Partners).

We made the decision to further modernize that element of our business and found that B2B marketing isn’t intimidating, but accessible and understandable. It helps business like ours define our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) (See, I’m learning!) in a shockingly efficient and targeted way.

We’re just getting going, and our results are still TBD, but those of us here working in Lead Gen for Ubiquity feel a lot better about our ability to tell the small business world:

“Retirement doesn’t have to be a problem.  Let us help you fix it!”

Our story (and details of our travails) to follow!

Craig Howell,
Ubiquity Retirement + Savings