Save Big with Ubiquity's Affordable and Easy to Set Up Solo 401k

Consider a retirement plan specifically designed for solopreuners. A Ubiquity Retirement + Savings™ Self Directed Solo 401k enables you to:

  • Invest in a wide range of investment options through a self directed brokerage account at any financial institution of your choice
  • Reduce your taxable income with Traditional or ROTH options
  • Get access to funds through a loan option
Get maximum tax benefits while also saving for your future!

Keep what's yours with Ubiquity's affordable, flat fee 401k plans. Call 866.634.6116 or schedule a free consultation with a retirement expert to learn more.

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Flying solo isn’t for the faint of heart. As a freelancer or entrepreneur, it’s hard to imagine being able to save for retirement like an employee at a big company.
Well, with Ubiquity’s Single(k) plan, you won’t need to imagine any longer. With our solo 401k plan, you can get maximum tax benefits while also saving for your future!

The 401k Plan for the Solo Entrepreneur

Want to know the features that will help solidify your future? Check out what our Single 401k plan has to offer you for the low cost of $215/year:

  • Pre-tax or Roth (after-tax) contributions allowed
  • Optional government form-filing services available
  • Complete investment flexibility
  • Easily converts to a full-service plan as your business grows
  • Low maintenance Plan Administration
  • Access to Vanguard Solo 401k, Fidelity Solo 401k, and Schwab Funds
  • Flexibility to contribute as much as you want up to the allowable amount

Why Choose Ubiquity for Your Future Over Other 401k Providers?

Ubiquity has helped over 100,000 savers contribute over $2 billion towards their 401k retirement plans since 1999. Our retirement consultants have an average of 10 years’ experience and can provide personalized retirement plan coaching over the phone from our U.S.-based offices.

As one of the first flat-fee providers for small business 401k, each plan has a dedicated implementation manager and support team.

We have a low-cost commitment due to our flat-rates and, unlike many providers, no AUM (Asset Under Management) fees.

How Does the Single(k) Plan Help You?

  • Reduced taxable income for pre-tax salary contributions
  • Business tax deduction for plan contributions and plan expenses
  • Pre-tax growth on investments while in the plan
  • Higher contribution limits than SEP or SIMPLE IRA plans
  • Option to take a loan from your retirement savings (up to $50,000!)
  • Ability to move your assets to other retirement arrangements if you change jobs.

What If You Started Your 401k Today?

When you are ready to start saving with a Single(k) plan, you can set up your plan almost entirely online, in about 15 minutes.

Unlike big-business 401k plans, you do not have to worry about plan testing, to qualify employees, or filling out mountains of paperwork. Just answer a few straightforward questions, and you are ready to go.

Once the plan is set up, you can manage your investments through Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., or any other brokerage or custodian you choose. You can run online statements and reports at any time. If you need help submitting annual tax forms, we offer an optional service to assist with that too.

The Single(k) plan combines the benefits of employee contributions with the flexibility of a profit-sharing plan. This means you could save up to $19,000 in employee contributions, an additional $6,000 ‘catch-up’ provision per year if you are age 50 or older, and the option of contributing up to an additional $37,000 in profit-sharing contributions. That’s a total savings potential of $56,000 this year!

Why wait? Make the smart decision and start saving!
Start Your Solo 401k Now

“I have had a major emergency due to Hurricane Harvey …Ubiquity is super. Kept me calm, worked with me through all the options, and following up with excellent service.”

- Beckie Wright, David N Wright & Associates LLC

Benefits of Using Ubiquity

  • Our experienced retirement plan consultants deliver one-on-one coaching.
  • Low cost commitment.
  • Set up and maintain your plan in only a few minutes a month.
  • Keep more retirement savings without AUM fees.
  • Dedicated implementation manager gets your solo 401k plan up and running quickly.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. We focus on small business retirement success. If you’re not satisfied, we work hard to make it right, and our longevity speaks to our dedication.

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“I feel 100% secure in all things related to retirement…”

- David Miller, Coffee Meets Bagel, Inc.
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