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  • Low Cost, Flat Fee Structure1
  • Secure 2.0 Tax Credits of up to $16,5002
  • Choose from 30k Mutual Funds + ETFs + ERISA 3(38) Plans
  • Plug-n-Play Payroll Integration
  • Live Customer Support
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    Top 5 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Choose Ubiquity

    1. Low flat fees that don’t increase as your retirement balance grows
    2. No fees charged as a percentage of your assets
    3. Top rated customer service across Google reviews, Trustpilot, and BBB
    4. Easy to administer – from compliance to plug-n-play payroll integration so you can focus on running your business
    5. Access to 30k+ mutual funds, ETFs, and ERISA 3(38) plans

    Get $375 in Member Discount Savings

    Through our partnership with Ubiquity, we can offer exclusive member discounts of at least $125 per year AND a 50% discount on your initial setup fee (a $250 value).

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    Secure 2.0 Legislation Tax Credits Cover Your Costs

    The passage of Secure 2.0 means there’s never been a better time to open a 401(k) plan for your small business. Combining the new law’s benefits with our affordable, flat fees1 is a double win for small businesses like yours and your employees.  

    • Three years of tax credits that fully pay for new 401(k) setup and admin fees. Your small business with up to 50 employees can now get a credit of up to 100% of plan expenses (not to exceed $5,000 annually). Over three years, this credit could be worth $15,000! 
    • Automatic enrollment credit of $500 per year to employers whose plans have automatic enrollment. Credit is applied each year for the first three years of the plan. With Secure 2.0, certain plans will be required to have auto-enrollment, and starting in 2025, auto-enrollment will be required universally. 
    • Employer match credit granted to small business employer matching contributions to an employee’s 401(k), up to $1,000 of credit per employee per year. 

    Ubiquity is the #1 Ranked 401(k) Provider

    Highest Customer Satisfaction in the Industry3


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    Qualify for Up to $16,500 in Tax​ Credits

    See How Much You Can Save

    As a small business, you could qualify to earn up to $16,500 in tax credits over a 3-year period by starting a qualified retirement plan with auto-enrollment.

    Take advantage of federal tax credits of up to $16,500 that cover the first three years of your small business 401(k) plan with auto-enrollment1. These credits remove financial barriers and increase confidence and peace of mind for small business owners. Plus, you can qualify for even more tax credits by contributing to your employees' retirement plan!

    Do you already have a 401(k) plan that was started before 2019?

    May not be eligible for start-up credit if plan is more than 3 years old, but may still be eligible for $500 auto-enrollment credit.

    How many employees do you have?

    Cannot exceed 100 employees to be eligible for credit.

    How many non-owner employees were paid less than $150,000 last year?

    Please enter a number less than your total employee count.

    IRS guidelines require your plan to have at least one plan participant who was a non-highly compensated employee for it to qualify for the credit.

    Ubiquity 401(k) Plan

    Would you like to learn more about matching tax credits?

    1. Please refer to Important Information for details

    See What Other Small Business Owners Are Saying

    As a small business, it was important for us to find an affordable and responsive company to administer our retirement platform. Not only do we appreciate the reasonable and transparent fees, we have received great customer service, a user friendly web platform, and a competitive retirement option for our employees.

    — Jennifer M. Patronski

    1 Decimal, Inc. charges flat fees for recordkeeping and administrative services. Third-party service providers may assess asset-based fees to customers. We advise Plan Sponsors to review all service agreements with providers, such as investment advisors, custodians, and broker-dealers, to evaluate the total cost of the plan.

    2 Eligible employers may be able to claim a tax credit of up to $5,000, for three years, for ordinary and necessary costs of starting a 401(k) plan. IRS’ qualifying factors are: you had 100 or fewer employees who received at least $5,000 in compensation from you in the preceding year, you had at least one participant who was a non-highly compensated employee (NHCE) and in the three tax years before the first year you’re eligible for the credit, your employees were substantially the same employees who received contributions or accrued benefits in another plan sponsored by you, a member of a controlled group that includes you, or a predecessor of either. Those plans with automatic enrollment can claim a tax credit of $500 per year for a 3 year taxable period.

    3 Decimal, Inc. conducted an evaluation of four small-business 401(k) providers in the marketplace by analyzing independent customer reviews on Google, Trustpilot, and the Better Business Bureau, as reported by unaffiliated contributors on or before September 30, 2022, with a revaluation date of January 12, 2023. The evaluation resulted in a higher score for our company compared to the other providers. We strive to provide excellent service to our customers and appreciate their feedback. Google ratings for Ubiquity Retirement + Savings products and services are determined by customer reviews. The rating calculation methodology is available here. The rates shown were last updated on January 12, 2023, and are based on reviews from 2014 to 2023.

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