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Spend more time growing your business and less time managing retirement payroll deductions with our all-in-one solution.

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  • Frictionless employee onboarding
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Key Features

Take the complexities out of
plan administration

Efficient compliance
We help mitigate risk and compliance issues and increase accuracy by processing the latest employee details on your behalf, ensuring information is always up to date.
Automated deductions and contributions
Say goodbye to manual input! Deductions and contributions are automatically calculated each time a payroll is run.
Streamlined employee onboarding
We notify and enroll employees when they meet your chosen eligibility conditions. We provide access to best money moves and other financial wellness benefits.  

Frequently asked questions

What data do you exchange with my payroll provider?

It depends on the provider. In most cases we send and receive your employee data and contribution selections in real-time through secure connections, so contributions are up-to-date and on-time.  

What if my integration stops working?

This can happen, so we have a team of payroll experts who are dedicated to monitoring your connection and fixing it when things go wrong. Sometimes we will need your help in re-establishing the connection and we will reach out to you if that happens.  

What if you don’t integrate with my provider?

We know how important your time is. We add new payroll integrations as often as every week if our customers are asking for them so please don’t hesitate to nominate a provider above! While you wait for integration, we have use friendly tools to help you manage deductions in our platform.  

Does payroll integration cost anything?

We don’t charge you for our payroll connections. Keep in mind that your payroll provider may charge a nominal monthly fee for the connection so we advise connecting with them and reviewing your payroll provider’s invoices.

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