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401(K) for individuals

The solo 401(k) made for the self-employed

Simple, low-cost, full-scale – our flexible Solo 401(k) plans allow self-employed individuals to maximize their retirement savings and still enjoy the same advantages of a big business plan.

401(K) for individuals

The benefits at a glance

Higher contribution limit
Grow your nest egg by contributing over 3x more than a traditional IRA.
Tailor-made or turnkey fund lists
You have options to choose expert-selected fund lists or customize your own.
Business tax deductions & other savings
Enjoy the same tax deductions  bigger businesses get and reduced taxable income for pre-tax contributions.
Act as employer & employee
Combine the features of a group 401(k) and a profit-sharing plan so you get the best of both worlds.
Expert help from real humans
We mean it when we say we’re here for you. Get expert plan consulting during setup.
Upgrade & grow
Seamlessly upgrade your plan to include full-time employees as your business grows.
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Who can take advantage?

Our Solo 401(k) plans provide a great alternative opportunity for self-employed individuals and small business owners who don’t have common law employees.

Independent contractors
Sole proprietorship businesses
C Corp, S Corp, LLC, & DBA
“It was easier than I expected, and with her help I am making smarter choices for my future! Great customer service!”
Alan B.
"I am not a 401(k) expert and the team at Ubiquity I work with has been patient, kind and are willing to help me obtain the knowledge I need to grow in my career.”
Ellen M.
"I have had a Single(K) with Ubiquity since 2016. Every time I work with their Customer Service team, I always get outstanding, knowledgeable representatives who truly want to help me.”
Amy C.
“Couldn’t be happier. I’ve been with Ubiquity Retirement since 2012 and find the online portal very easy to use.”
Cathy J.
Freelance Product Designer
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Plan details

Who qualifies
4 max (including owners and their spouses)
Immediate or 12-months (1,000 hours) of service
Employee contribution
Pretax and Roth (optional Mega backdoor roth)
Employer contributions
Profit sharing
Full & immediate
In-service withdrawals
Available to participants over age 59.5
Contribution Limits
Salary deferral contribution
Up to $23K in 2024
Profit-sharing contribution
Up to 25% of income for corporations or 20% for self employed
Annual limit per participant
100% of salary or $69K
Catch-up contributions (age 50+)

Frequently asked questions

Why is a solo 401(k) beneficial for small businesses?

Our solo 401(k)s meet small business owners where they are without extra complexities or compliance challenges. You get the same retirement incentives as big businesses, but with more flexibility, simplicity, and better cost savings.

What solo plans do you offer?

We offer Single(k)®️ and Single(k) Plus®️. Both are designed to provide self-employed business owners and their spouses with the ability to meet their retirement goals with major features like higher contributions, streamlined administration, recordkeeping services, and potential tax savings. The best part is as your business grows and you get employees, your plan can be easily upgraded to our full-service plans.

How do both plans work?

Both plans combine the convenience of 401(k) payroll deductions with the flexibility of a profit-sharing plan. With either, you can set aside pre-tax or Roth (post-tax) money and make a profit-sharing contribution. You won’t pay taxes on your pre-tax savings or their earnings until you withdraw the money at retirement.

Can non-owners join my plan?

In addition to owners and partners, spouses (who work for your business) are eligible to participate in your retirement plan.

  • Single(k): Can only accommodate two participants in total. EX. A business owner and their spouse, or a business owner and their business partner.
  • Single(k) Plus: Can only accommodate four participants in total. EX. A business owner, their business partner, and two spouses.
What other major features do these include?

With both, you have access to:

  • Hardship withdrawals
  • Investment opportunities
  • Loans
  • Rollovers
  • Mega backdoor roth (Single(k) only)

Both plans differ in terms of investment options and more, but our dedicated team can walk you through a plan comparison.

How can I get started?

Answer a few questions to see which plan is right for you. If you’d rather speak to our team first, schedule a free consultation with us. Our team will gladly walk you through our offerings and answer any questions or concerns before you officially sign up.

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