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For over two decades, Ubiquity has helped businesses maximize tax benefits without the headaches through advanced, future-driven features, meeting workforces where they are. The best part? Our team of experts will help you get set up so you have exactly what you need for your business from the start.

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Free plan design & consultation with a retirement expert
A variety of contributions based on plan type
Access to broad investment options (Vanguard, Schwab, Fidelity, & more)
Simplified IRS and DOL compliance
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Our team of experts will help you get set up, ensuring you have exactly what you need for your business right from the start.

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You may be able to benefit from tax deductions on your employer contributions up to $1,000 per employee, for the first 2-5 years of the plan.

We make it easy to invest in your retirement future

Attract and retain employees
Competitive benefits keep employees satisfied, loyal, and productive
Tax deductions and credits for business owners
Lower the taxes you owe and put your savings toward the growth of your business
Efficient contribution management
Simplified streamlined payroll deduction ensures employees come first
Dedicated support
Dedicated support
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Seamless Payroll Integrations

We integrate with top payroll providers so you can easily find their payroll, connect their plan, and build a straightforward 401(k).

Frequently asked questions

What 401(k) plans do you offer?

We offer three Business 401(k) plans: Reserve(k)®, Custom(k)®, and Saver(k)®.

  1. Reserve(k): All-inclusive, all-encompassing plan that also includes a few extras like fiduciary oversight, Fidelity bonds and more.
  2. Custom(k): This option is perfect if you’re looking for something 100% tailor-made to your specific needs.
  3. Saver(k): This plan features a value pack that is turnkey, easy to manage, and affordable, but you still get many of the big business options.
How user-friendly is your platform?

We built a platform geared toward ensuring that your plan is easy to manage and understand.  We have incorporated streamlined administration, reports, simple payroll integration, recordkeeping, and transparent low costs.

What major features are included?

All our plans are designed to help business owners and their employees maximize their retirement benefits through features like:

  • Integration with all major payroll providers
  • Optional safe harbor provisions
  • Dedicated support
  • No trade commissions
  • Pre-tax contributions and/or Roth contributions
  • Maximum contribution limits
  • Opportunities for tax credits and deductions

Book a consultation to discuss more features included.

How do I get started?

Schedule a free consultation. Our team of retirement experts will discuss your needs and walk you through our suitable offerings before you officially sign up.

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