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401(k) plans designed with financial advisors in mind

With our low cost, fully customizable 401(k) plans, you can expand your book of business and effectively help your clients and their employees build a secure financial future.

a few of our awards
NAPA Advisors’ Choice Recordkeeping Award, 2023
Barron’s Top 100 RIA Firms, 2022
NAPA’s Top Plan Advisors Under 40 Award, 2021
Planadvisor’sTop Retirement Plan Advisors Award, 2022
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Why advisors choose Ubiquity

Transparent low costs
Affordable and transparent pricing makes it easy for your clients to save and grow.
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Dedicated advisor support team
Our team of retirement experts have an average tenure of 15-20 years of industry experience. You’re in good hands.
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Customizable 401(k) plans & funds
Tailored plans meet the specific needs of your clients while maximizing their tax benefits.
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We’ll handle all the administrative work
We’ll handle recordkeeping, compliance, processing, and servicing so you can focus on keeping your clients happy.
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Streamlined payroll integrations
Help clients eliminate friction and errors by handling payroll and benefits administration all in one place.
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Advisors rate us highly!
Ubiquity has been ranked highly by thousands of our advisor partners across the U.S. for effectively handling their clients’ most critical needs.

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Learn more about Ubiquity's customizable 401(k) solutions and why advisors and their clients choose Ubiquity for their retirement plan needs.

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what clients love

Benefits that drive better results for your clients

Low cost, transparent fees
Seamless payroll integration
World-class customer service team
Extensive industry experience
To learn more about the client experience, schedule a consultation with our team.  
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What financial advisors are saying about us

“Couldn’t be happier. I’ve been with Ubiquity Retirement since 2012 and find the online portal very easy to use.”

Cathy J.

"Great customer service and 401(k) option for small businesses."

Jill A.

“I can't imagine a similar company with any more of a personal, one-on-one feel. Highly recommended.”

Les F.

“Excellent service. Very responsive and professional.”

Hank M.

"By partnering our services, we can provide a streamlined solution that empowers employees to make decisions about consumer-driven healthcare creating a long-term plan for retirement savings."

Jon K.

“Finally a firm and team that helps the small businesses win!”

Patrick F.

Frequently asked questions

Who does the advisor engage with during the sales process?

During the sales process, ongoing administration, and more, you’ll be able to work with our dedicated Retirement Plan Consultants. They are our in-house retirement experts with an average tenure of 15-20 years of industry experience.

How do plans onboard with Ubiquity?

Once a plan is purchased, within 24 hours, the Plan Sponsor will receive a link to schedule an introductory call with one of our Client Onboarding Specialists. They will help facilitate plan setup, including funding the first plan contribution and going over the Plan Setup Overview dashboard, through three phone calls. Once the plan is funded, the Plan Sponsor will be introduced to our Client Success Team for ongoing servicing.

Do you accept conversion plans from other providers? If so, what do you require for plan acceptability review?

We would need to see a potential client’s Adoption Agreement of their plan with their current provider to see if they can convert to a Ubiquity 401(k). Depending on the criteria, we will discuss additional options.

How are advisory fees handled? Can you pay fee- and commission-based advisors?

Yes, we can pay fee- and commission-based advisors depending on the product and/or the custodian. Fees are paid out after quarter end based on balance, or (if it’s a Ubiquity product) we can pay out fees via invoice. 12b-1 fees can be paid out on the Ubiquity products who are held at Matrix only. We can pay out the fees via quarter end balance on Simply Retirement and JPM plans.

Is plan design a consultative process? What input as an advisor can I have?

You can decide how hands-on you want to be during the plan design process! If you want, you can be totally in charge of the process, providing input on tools or other responsibilities. Ubiquity can also jump in at any time and provide help at zero cost to your business.

What are assets held and what options are there? Is Ubiquity an open architecture platform?

Assets held and options include Schwab and Matrix with access to over 30K mutual funds and ETFs. You have the option to utilize turnkey fund lists or customize an investment lineup tailored to your clients’ needs. We offer a fully open architecture platform.

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