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Immediate benefits now and for your future with Ubiquity

Your retirement security and health are our everything. As the original flat-fee provider, Ubiquity empowers you to save more – 100% online – and with people when you need them, coast-to-coast.


Our technology + people, deliver:

Flat fees with nothing in the fine print

Tax benefits for people and businesses

Investment options so you can grow your money, your way

Smarter saving

Our savings plans are built on smart technology that you can manage in minutes and with zero hidden fees, resulting in more compounding dollars saved.

Reduce taxes

The IRS pays you to save. Lower your taxable income and save more for your future at the same time.

Flexible investments

No matter what level of expertise you have, we’ve got you covered. Bring your own Advisor, or use our network. From conservative to aggressive, and everything in between, the decision is yours.

We integrate with

people like you have saved over
$1.7 billion with Ubiquity

Partner with us


Offering low cost, low risk, and simple to deploy recordkeeping solutions for the micro market

Fiduciary services

Enabling efficient delivery of investment management and advice for the micro market


Delivering scalable, full-service retirement and marketing on a device agnostic platform

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