Paradigm RKS™: Cloud-Based Record Keeping

Paradigm Record Keeping System (RKS) was developed by Ubiquity as a paradigm shift in small-business 401k plan administration – away from cumbersome, antiquated management systems to a cloud-based, easy-to-use interface with powerful data processing behind the scenes.

Our proprietary digital record keeping enables all users to access and update retirement accounts at any time with just a few clicks, and the Paradigm platform is designed to ease the administrative burden of plan maintenance by automating much of the functionality for you.

Digital record keeping

  • 99% digital
  • Continuous UI/UX enhancements
  • Customizable, business-specific retirement plan products to support all types of businesses
    • Variety of plan types for all business sizes
    • Plug-and-play payroll integration
    • Automatic enrollment
    • Streamlined investment lineups
    • Flexible plan offerings
    • 30,000+ funds available
    • Built-in 3(38) services

Paradigm RKS offers a multitude of benefits

Small business owners, HR managers, plan sponsors, financial advisors, and participants can all enjoy a seamless, intuitive user experience that promotes ease of use.

Paradigm RKS takes work off your plate so you can focus on what you do best. 

Designed to prevent confusion and lift the burden of time-consuming administrative work, many user-friendly features have been built in to help improve your experience no matter who you are: 

Plan Sponsors/Small Business Owners

Financial Advisors 


Determines participant eligibility 

Advisor-specific portal to access dashboard, plan details, and more

Streamlined, clean interface

Manages enrollment 

Add team members and assign roles/access 

No confusing jargon 

Provides necessary disclosure notices

Plan and participant level reporting, including Annual Plan Review

Check balance or make changes quickly and easily

Easy-to-use dashboard for payroll contribution processing

Access to each plan’s provisions and investment options 

Integration with many payroll providers 

Ability to add co-branding 

View status of plan and of participants  

You know what’s happening with the plan and participants so you can help your clients make great choices

Learn more about how Ubiquity and Paradigm RKS can support your small business’ retirement planning needs.

Ubiquity is the #1-Ranked Small Business 401(k) Provider¹


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¹ An evaluation has been conducted by Decimal, Inc. through its research of independent customer reviews on Google, Trustpilot, and the Better Business Bureau as reported by unaffiliated contributors on or before September 30, 2022, with a revaluation date on January 12, 2023, resulting in a better evaluation, for four similar small-business 401(k) providers in the marketplace. 

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© 2023 Ubiquity Retirement + Savings
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44 Montgomery Street, Suite 300
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