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How Do I Know If My 401(k) Is Top-Heavy?

Do a few people in your 401(k) plan have the majority of the money? If so, the IRS may require you to do something about it.

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According to Internal Revenue Code Section 416, a company 401(k) is considered top-heavy if more than 60 percent of the total 401(k) plan balance is held by key employees.

A “key employee” is defined as:

  • An officer receiving over $185,000 in 2020 or 2021.
  • An owner of more than 5% of the company.
  • A spouse, child, parent, or grandparent of someone owning more than 5% of the company.
  • More than a 1% owner with annual compensation exceeding $150,000.

The IRS takes the approach that all workers should have equal opportunity to set aside money for their future – not just key employees or business owners. For this reason, small business 401(k) plans are generally required to pass a series of nondiscrimination tests each year, including the top-heavy test.

How Common Are Top-Heavy Plans?

Small business 401(k) plans, especially those with high turnover, are more likely to be considered “top-heavy” than large business plans. Bigger plans have more employees who are not management-level or higher, whereas smaller teams that have grown as an extension of a business owner or spouse duo will have the ratio slanted against them unless there are contributions made to the rank-and-file workers.

Top-heavy test failures are not only the most common, but the costliest to correct, so it’s important to know whether your 401(k) is likely to be top-heavy or not.

When Will I Know If My 401(k) Plan Is Top-Heavy?

The determination dates are the first and last days of the plan year, so December 31st. This means that a plan failing the first year will also be top-heavy for the following year.

How Is Top-Heavy Status Calculated?

  • Consider which participant balances are excluded – such as those with rollover accounts from past employers or the balances of terminated employees.
  • Add on distributions made on account of termination, retirement, loans or early distributions, and death.

How Do I Know I’ve Passed a 401(k) Top-Heavy Test?

If you’re worried about the top-heavy test, you can:

  • Encourage non-key employees to increase their contributions by providing educational materials.
  • Incentivize participation with a modest matching contribution.
  • Request that key employees reduce or cease their contributions.
  • Make a profit-sharing contribution to all employees.
  • Allow previously ineligible participants into the plan by removing the vesting schedule.
  • Add a mid-year Safe Harbor Match, now allowed under the SECURE Act.

Some steps will NOT help you pass testing. For instance, you can’t take a mid-year disbursement, which the IRS expressly forbids. You also can’t simply terminate or demote a key employee, as all funds contributed so far are still factored in. Additionally, you can’t cancel the plan or make a correction for funds already contributed.

What Can Be Done to Pass a 401(k) Top-Heavy Test?

One of the best ways to pass a top-heavy test is to add a Safe Harbor provision to your plan. You may choose to:

  • Contribute a 100% match on the first 3% of saved dollars and 50% on the next 2%,
  • Contribute a flat 3% of each non-key employee’s salary, OR
  • Match the highest contribution percentage of any key employee

Best of all, employer contributions are tax-deductible. You have until October 1st for the Safe Harbor provision to go into effect at the start of the next year.

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