CensiblyYours® Financial Wellness Tools

Safeguard your small business retirement plan

Enjoy an expert-managed investment lineup tailored to your goals and risk tolerance. With us, you can offload investment selection risks and simplify your portfolio management to decrease liability and gain total peace of mind.

Why CensiblyYours®?

Why offer a professionally managed investment option?

By selecting CensiblyYours®️, you are relieved from the responsibilities of choosing and managing investments for your plan participants. Our partner, Kaye Capital Management, assumes full fiduciary responsibilities, ensuring your investments adhere to federal 401(k) regulations.

Reduce liability with full fiduciary and insurance coverage
Ensure compliance with federal 401(k) regulations
Streamline retirement planning with expert guidance
Low-cost, high-quality investments with ongoing support

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CENSIblyyours®️ custom index portfolios

We handle the complexities so you can focus on your business

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401(k) growth simplified
Choose a passive, low-cost fund and target date funds based on the Investment Policy Statement approved by you.
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Simplified administration
Offer your plan participants investment options tailored to their goals and risk tolerance.
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Automatic Compliance
Real-time data monitoring to ensure your plan adheres to all investment related guidelines.

Frequently asked questions

What is CensiblyYours?

CensiblyYours is a set of financial wellness tools designed to safeguard small business retirement plans by offering low-cost, index-based investment options managed by Kaye Capital Management (KCM). These tools help ensure compliance with ERISA 3(38) and protect against legal liabilities.

How does CensiblyYours protect my business?

CensiblyYours reduces your legal liability by ensuring your retirement plan meets the strict fiduciary standards set out by ERISA. Through Kaye Capital Management, your plan is managed with diligence to meet these obligations, minimizing your risk of litigation.

What are the benefits of choosing a passive, index-based fund?

Choosing a passive, index-based fund through CensiblyYours provides a cost-effective investment strategy that aligns with your risk tolerance and goals. It lowers management fees and reduces the complexity of handling retirement plans.

How does CensiblyYours lower operational costs?

CensiblyYours offers low investment management fees and simplifies the administration of retirement plans, significantly reducing the overall operational costs for small businesses.

How do I get started with CensiblyYours?

Upon enrollment, you'll gain access to CensiblyYours Custom Index Portfolios, a cost-effective investment lineup actively managed and rebalanced by 3(38) investment experts. Additionally, you'll receive comprehensive investment tools designed to help your employees make informed investment decisions.

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