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Payroll Integration

Payroll Integration

Let your personal Ubiquity Payroll (K)oncierge assist you in setting up a payroll solution that is perfect for you and your plan!


“I am impressed at the level of service you provide our clients. You make it easy for them.”
-Jesse Steffy, Align Financial Services


Deliver the full spectrum of payroll and benefits administration in one place.

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How do you manage your payroll?

For Clients

With Cloud-Based Payroll Providers

Ubiquity offers a 360 payroll solution with cloud-based providers. This allows you to say “goodbye” to manually entering 401(k) contributions every time you pay your employees. It also brings you peace of mind in avoiding errors that can come with manual submissions.

A sampling of our most in-demand cloud-based providers include:

For Clients

Without Cloud-Based Payroll Providers

For clients who do not work with a cloud-based payroll provider, or who prefer to manage payroll themselves, Ubiquity offers an easy-to-use web solution that makes submitting payroll info an easy 4-click process once salary employees are set up. Let us walk you through this solution and all the added benefits it provides.

Clients can either – key data into our intuitive web-form or upload a .csv file containing payroll data.

Additional Payroll Providers

Don’t see your payroll provider listed here? We are always adding new providers, please connect with our team to learn more.

Manage your 401(k) benefits in a way that works for your business.

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1. Clients may opt-out of integration services if they prefer to use Ubiquity’s web solution. There is no additional cost for either of these options. 2. Trusted third-party software and service provider(s) may assist in processing retirement contribution data from client payroll provider(s) for the sole purpose of automating and facilitating Ubiquity’s processes.​

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