Payroll Integrations

Deliver the full spectrum of payroll and benefits administration in one place.

  • Dedicated payroll team to assist payroll integration setup
  • Automatic deductions
  • Frictionless employee onboarding
Your Easy Integration Solution

Let Ubiquity assist you in setting up a payroll solution that fits you and your plan.

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For Clients With Cloud-Based Payroll Providers

Ubiquity offers a payroll solution to connect with integrated, cloud-based providers1 so you can:

  • Streamline your plan administration
  • Say goodbye to manually entering 401(k) contributions
  • Avoid errors that can come with manual submissions

This is just a sampling of our most in-demand providers, not a comprehensive list,
and we are always adding new providers.

For Clients Without Cloud-Based Payroll Providers

For clients who do not have an integrated cloud-based payroll provider, or for those who prefer to self-manage, you can still connect easily.

  • Easy-to-use web solution
  • Key data into our intuitive webform or upload a .csv file
  • Simple + fast; as few as four clicks to complete process

Set Up Payroll Integration for Your Ubiquity 401(k)

Streamline your plan administration and get the support you need so contributions can be processed automatically.

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“I am impressed at the level of service you provide our clients.
You make it easy for them.”

- Jesse Steffy, Align Wealth Strategies, LLC
For HCM and Payroll Providers

Offer built-in value to your clients with access to proprietary technology, top-rated service, and seasoned industry experts by adding Ubiquity to your list of integrators.

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1 Depending on your payroll provider, a 360 or 180 integration may be available. Ubiquity can help identify a payroll solution that works for you and your plan. Please send us a message at

Clients may opt out of integrations services if they prefer to use Ubiquity’s web solution. There is no additional cost for either of these options. Trusted third-party software and service provider(s) may assist in processing retirement contribution data from client payroll provider(s) for the sole purpose of automating and facilitating Ubiquity’s processes.

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© 2023 Ubiquity Retirement + Savings
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