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Do Better​ Than California CalSavers

Choose the better path to savings with the Ubiquity 401(k)​

  • Access to more investment options
  • Easy plug-n-play payroll integration
  • Higher savings limit of $20,500*
  • Up to $16,500 tax credit for you**

    *This limit is subject to cost-of-living increases for later years.**Up to $5,000 per year, plus an additional $500 per year for automatic enrollment for the first 3 years

You will owe $250 per eligible employee in penalties if you don't act now.
Hurry before prices go up!

Trust the only small business 401(k) provider with ​95% customer satisfaction. Call toll-free 866.240.5167 or schedule a free consultation with a retirement specialist.

Why Thousands of CA Small Businesses Choose Ubiquity​

  1. Best flat-fee only plans in the industry​
  2. Only provider with 95% customer satisfaction​
  3. Best-in-class 5-star Google Reviews​

Only Ubiquity offers all 3.

You and your employees deserve the best — and you deserve the best no-hidden-fee pricing. Make sure you don’t get ripped off. Say NO to asset management-based fees – also known as ‘employee pricing.’ It’s why thousands of CA small businesses choose Ubiquity. ​

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Why You Need to Act Now

You are under the potential for significant additional penalties if you do not enroll your employees in a retirement plan. Your penalty could be up to $250 per eligible employee if noncompliance extends 90 days or more.

All California businesses with over 5 employees are required by state law to implement a retirement plan​ for their employees (California Government Code 1000000-100050).​

​You can either choose the government-controlled ​option with limited choice — and do you really want the ​people who run the DMV running your retirement?​ —  or you can choose the better option, the one thousands of your fellow CA small business owners have chosen: the Ubiquity 401(k) small business plan. ​

Call toll-free 866.634.6116 to enroll today.

Why CA Small Businesses Choose the Ubiquity 401(k)

Sure you could choose the limited state option called CalSavers, but​ do you really want the people running the DMV running your retirement? Here’s a quick table to show you why the Ubiquity 401(k) ​is a better option for you and why so many of your fellow small-business owners have chosen it. ​

RIP OFF ALERT: Beware ‘asset-based fees or employee pricing’ fees – this is a sign you’re about to be ripped off! 

Typical State IRA

Ubiquity 401(k)

Maximum employee annual contribution amount



Additional annual employer contribution limit

Not offered

Yes, up to an additional $40,500¹

Flat fees that don’t increase with your account balance

No, asset-based fees

Yes, flat fees

Tax credit that can total up to $5,500 per year – or $16,500 for the first three years of the new 401(k) plan2



Flexible auto-enrollment and vesting schedules



Investment guidance based on individual risk tolerance



Employee enrollment meetings and education



Auto-enrollment and escalation

Required at mandated levels

Optional and flexible

Customizable investment lineups



1. This limit is subject to cost-of-living increases for later years.

Fast Facts on the California Retirement Mandate: Session One

Choose a Better Path to Savings

maximum savings contribution UbiquityAvoid additional penalties. Hurry before prices increase!

Call toll-free 866.634.6116 to get started.

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44 Montgomery Street, Suite 3060
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Support: 855.401.4357

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