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  • Plug-n-Play Payroll Integration
  • 30k Mutual Funds + ETFs + ERISA 3(38) Plans
  • Complete & Dedicated Compliance Support
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23+ years of expertise pioneering 401(k)s.

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Alert: Time is running out for your small business to do better than get stuck in the MD state mandated IRA

55 million American workers—more than 40% of full-time private-sector employees—don’t have access to a workplace retirement savings plan. Very few employers offer pensions, and Social Security is drying up, with funds expected to be depleted as soon as 2034. So, the responsibility for saving falls more on the individual than ever before. But that can all change this year. 

Since 2012, at least 45 states have implemented or considered establishing state-facilitated retirement savings programs. 

Any Maryland business with 10 or more employees that meets the following criteria must participate in a retirement plan:

  • Those that pay employees through a payroll system or service
  • Small businesses in operation at least two years
  • Companies that do not currently offer an employer-sponsored retirement savings arrangement to employees
  • Businesses that have not provided a retirement savings plan in the last two years

Top 5 Reasons Ubiquity 401(k) Beats MD State Plan

  1. Ubiquity 401(k) 100% complies with the MD state mandate requirements
  2. Ubiquity 401(k) saves more in personal and business taxes than MD state plan while lowering taxable income. Additional tax credits are available with us. 
  3. Ubiquity 401(k)s plug-n-play payroll integration saves time and prevents stress by integrating payroll and automating plan administration 
  4. Only Ubiquity 401(k) plan has lower costs than MD State Plan since we offer flat fees, not a fee that increases as your retirement balance grows.
  5. Ubiquity 401(k) is not tied to the state. Protect your retirement money by choosing a private option the state cannot touch to pay off special interests.

​You can either choose the government-controlled ​option with limited choice or you can choose the better option: the Ubiquity 401(k) small business plan. ​

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Why MD Small Businesses Choose the Ubiquity 401(k)

Maryland$aves, the state-sponsored plan, offers a basic Roth IRA to help employees build their retirement savings. But with low contribution limits, limited investments, and limited tax advantages, is it the best solution for your team’s financial future?

At Ubiquity Retirement + Savings, we’ve been helping small businesses and their employees grow their nest eggs for over two decades with affordable, customized 401(k) solutions. While we believe the state’s program can be a valuable tool to help end the looming retirement crisis in Maryland, a 401(k) might be a better alternative for your small business and your employees’ futures.

There are important differences between the state-sponsored plan and a Ubiquity 401(k). A 401(k) solution provides employers with the opportunity to maximize their contributions and tax savings while helping their employees save for the future. With a 401(k) plan you can contribute three times more than with an IRA, plus there are other important customization options that a 401(k) plan enables. This chart streamlines those differences:

Maryland $aves IRA

Ubiquity 401(k)

Maximum employee annual contribution amount



Additional annual employer contribution limit

Not offered

Yes, up to an additional $40,500¹

Flat fees that don’t increase with your account balance

No, asset-based fees

Yes, flat fees

Tax credit that can total up to $5,500 per year – or $16,500 for the first three years of the new 401(k) plan2



Flexible auto-enrollment and vesting schedules



Investment guidance based on individual risk tolerance



Employee enrollment meetings and education



Auto-enrollment and escalation

Required at mandated levels

Optional and flexible

Customizable investment lineups



1.  This limit is subject to cost-of-living increases for later years (for prior years, refer to this cost-of–living adjustment table.)
2. Available to eligible employers who have less than 100 employees who received at least $5,000 in compensation in the previous year, had at least one participant who was a non-highly compensated employee, and in the last 3 years did not contribute to a benefit plan for your employees through a plan sponsored by you or a member of a controlled group that includes you.

See Why This Maryland Client Choose Ubiquity:

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Want to know more about Maryland’s state-mandated retirement versus Ubiquity? Want to see if you are Maryland$aves exempt or if your part-time employees qualify? Our experts have your back.

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44 Montgomery Street, Suite 3060
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