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Small Business 401k Plan Fees

Small businesses are overlooked in the 401k industry and charged higher fees because they have fewer employee participants and smaller account balances.

At Ubiquity, helping small businesses with affordable retirement plans is, and always has been, all that we do.

Understanding 401k Costs and Fees

It is important to understand the types of fees that may be assessed in a 401k plan and who can pay those fees, so you can make smart choices when it comes to your retirement savings. In fact, the retirement plan rules require the employer offering the plan to keep an eye on plan costs to ensure they are reasonable based on the services received. The employer must pay some 401k fees, and some are deducted from employees’ 401k accounts. Here are the fees that typically occur in a 401k plan and how they can be paid.

Everything you need to know about 401(k)s and more.

The Ubiquity 401 (k) Guide can help you better understand your small business 401(k) options, and help you find the right small business retirement plan.

401k Fees

Type of Fee
Who Pays

Plan Administration Fees

Fees for day-to-day operation of the plan, including recordkeeping and trustee services

May be paid by employer or from plan’s assets (debited from employees’ accounts)

Assets Under Management (AUM)/Investment Fees

Fees for investment management, marketing, and distribution of an investment product, including sales charges or commissions

Deducted directly from investment returns in employees’ accounts

Individual Service Fees

Fees for a transaction or service affecting one employee (e.g., loan, investment advice)

Typically charged to the affected employee’s account, but may be paid by the employer

Settlor Fees

Fees for services primarily benefiting the business (e.g., forming the plan, tax consulting)

Must be paid by employer

Not too familiar with 401(k) plans? No problem – we’ll give you the lowdown.
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Ubiquity Offers Three Low-Cost Plans


Flat fee per year

For businesses with no full-time employees except the owner/spouse/partner

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Flat fee per month

Small businesses and startups looking for simplicity and tax savings

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Flat fee per month

Business owners who want a fully customized plan to maximize their tax savings

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Small Business 401k Retirement Services

Our retirement planning consultants/experts will work closely with you to develop a retirement strategy that meets your needs and delivers beyond what you may have thought possible.

Free, Efficient, Expert advice

Ubiquity’s experienced sales team provides one-on-one, personalized coaching. We walk through the process with you, unraveling complexities and delivering advice based on best practices, for a customized, turnkey retirement plan that meet your goals and saves you time.

Low Cost Commitment

Since 1999, Ubiquity has remained committed to a very low, flat-fee, monthly subscription model.

Keep more of your retirement savings

Don’t erode your retirement nest egg with excessive, additive administrative fees. Most of our competitors charge a percentage fee on your growing total account balance. Ubiquity’s flat, monthly, fixed subscription fee means you don’t pay an administrative fee based on the amount you have saved.

““Meli is amazing! Always ready to answer questions (even the silliest/smallest ones) and never makes me feel ridiculous for asking them. Additionally, she's wonderful at returning calls and really making her clients feel valued and listened to! I feel 100% secure in all things related to retirement because I know Meli has our back :)””

- -David Miller, Coffee Meets Bagel, Inc.

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