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Break into the Small Business Market

Are startups and small businesses getting left out of tax-advantaged retirement savings?

Look at the numbers, and it’s hard to argue they’re not. Of the more than five million small businesses with fewer than 100 employees in the United States, just 14%, or roughly 735,000, currently sponsor a retirement plan. That leaves over four million small businesses and their employees without access.

This represents a significant untapped market for large 401(k) institutions and investment firms. In practice, large 401(k) institutions have struggled for years to find an economically viable way to service these customers.

Ubiquity Retirement + Savings™, the original low-cost, flat-fee 401(k) plan provider, has been serving small businesses with 1-100 employees across all 50 states since 1999. Using our turnkey solution, large institutions can easily extend the benefits of 401(k) retirement savings to the startup and small business market. With our consumer-friendly, fully automated self-service platform, your customers can set up their plans in minutes.

You can extend your footprint to this underserved market—driving revenue without expense—like we’ve done for several other 401(k) providers.

Tackling the small business 401(k) challenge

Given the fractured nature of the marketing and the relatively low assets under management, large 401(k) institutions have long struggled to find a profitable business model for startups.

Existing institutional 401(k) platforms are typically built for more comprehensive plans, offering features that smaller businesses don’t need and at prices they often can’t afford. The result: the vast majority of startup and small business employees have been effectively cut out of the 401(k) marketplace.

Percentage of small businesses by size, offering a retirement plan:

1-4 employees


5-11 employees


12-25 employees


25-100 employees


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But for large 401(k) institutions, the small business challenge is not measured merely in missed opportunities.

  • Strained business partnerships: For institutions that distribute through advisors, the lack of a small business option leaves no way to accommodate a significant portion of those advisors’ business—frustrating and straining those vital strategic relationships.
  • Increased public scrutiny: 401(k) institutions face mounting criticism that tax-advantaged retirement plans are available only to large businesses and wealthy investors. Several states have passed legislation passed legislation mandating that small businesses offer retirement plans, adding millions of employees to the 401(k) marketplace.

Break into the small business market, without hassle

Ubiquity makes it easy for large 401(k) institutions to break into the startup and small business market.

You can deliver retirement plans designed from the ground up specifically for the unserved and budget-conscientious small business customer—with little effort, and at zero cost to you.

Close the 401(k) product gap

With Ubiquity’s turnkey white-label solution, your small business customers and advisors can access the industry’s leading small business, flat-fee 401(k) platform. Our 401(k) plans are designed and priced specifically for businesses with less than 100 employees and have already helped hundreds of thousands of people save more than $2 billion towards their retirement.

Deliver an integrated 401(k) solution

Using our proprietary Paradigm™ software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, you can offer low-cost retirement plans for small business and sole proprietor customers directly through your brand experience. You can choose the investment options and deliver a consumer- and mobile-friendly customer experience under your own brand, with little or no effort from your team.

Paradigm’s open application programming interface (API) can integrate with Payroll, Healthcare Savings Accounts (HSA), and other Human Capital Management (HCM) platforms that appeal to small and micro-small businesses. Ubiquity brings the full spectrum of retirement to small businesses with a consumer-friendly and fully automated self-service experience.

We do the work, you get the benefits

Our dedicated, U.S.-based small business retirement experts handle sales, service, enrollment, recordkeeping, and administration. You can expand your footprint and brand to millions of new customers—and retain the ability to move them to higher-margin products as their retirement savings grow. And, since you select the investment line-up, you can generate extra revenue for your referral sources and your business—at little or no cost to you.

A proprietary platform makes small business 401(k) easy

At the core of Ubiquity’s small business 401(k) is our proprietary Paradigm SaaS platform. It provides a state-of-the-art, easy-to-use, and multi-channel experience explicitly designed for small businesses.

Small business customers and advisors can establish a plan in less than 15 minutes. And through our open API, we can integrate a wide range of payroll, HCM, benefits administration, and other partner platforms. You can deliver a full-service, dedicated small business customer experience under your own brand—all pre-integrated and fully supported by Ubiquity.

Work with the industry leader in small business retirement plans

Demand for small business 401(k) plans is genuine—and growing.

After healthcare, retirement is the second-most sought-after benefit among small businesses and startups, and a critical factor in helping them reduce both business and personal taxes, and attract and retain talent.

At Ubiquity, we’ve been tackling the small business retirement challenge since 1999. With nearly two decades of experience serving small business customers and our proprietary, fully-owned enrollment and record-keeping platform, we lead the industry in flat-fee small business 401(k) plans.

Smiling small business owner
“I am the plan administrator for our company’s Ubiquity 401(k) plan. I wanted to take a moment to commend Tony and his team. They all are very knowledgeable and have helped me with any question I may have. I have found them friendly and easy to reach either by phone or email.”
- Barb Tews, Meridian Management
Let us help you capitalize on this vast startup and small business retirement market—with minimal effort and zero cost to you.
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