Could you use $250?
It’s our gift to you!

If you know small business owners who could benefit from a 401(k) plan, refer them to us—and we’ll send you $250 to say thank you! Here’s how:

  • Complete the form fields to submit any friends, family, colleagues, or acquaintances who could benefit from a small business 401(k) plan.
  • If a small business you refer establishes and funds a Ubiquity 401(k), we’ll waive their setup fees (a $495 value) and you’ll get $250!¹

We’re the Top-Ranked 401(k) Provider to Small/Medium Businesses!²

Why do thousands of small businesses choose Ubiquity?

  1. We offer the best flat fee-only plans in the industrywith NO %-based fees³
  2. Innovative proprietary platform
  3. Access to 30k mutual funds + ETFs +​ ERISA 3(38) plans
  4. Plug-n-play payroll integration
  5. Best-in-class compliance support

We Have the Industry-Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating!


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We want to celebrate you, our supportive and loyal clients. We appreciate your intelligence and business acumen, and we know your friends and colleagues do as well.

Refer a colleague or friend with a small business today. They’ll want to celebrate with you when they start saving for their future!

¹ Official Rules

Ubiquity’s Referral Program (“Program”) is open to all individuals. To participate in the Program, referring party (“Referrer”) must submit all required fields in this webform. In order to be eligible to receive credit, the new referred client (“Referee”) cannot be a current Ubiquity customer, and must open either a Saver(k), Custom(k), or a Reserve(k) plan with Ubiquity. The referral reward of $250 per referral (“Reward”) will only be paid to the Referrer when the Referee pays their first quarterly administrative invoice.

Referrers will not receive credit for referring themselves or any affiliated service organization with common ownership, for example, a sister corporation, parent company, or a subsidiary. Referrers are limited to referring their own friends, colleagues, family members, and direct acquaintances whom they believe would be interested in opening a group 401(k) plan. Any referred clients must be able to personally identify their referrer. Ubiquity reserves the right to disqualify anyone from the Program at any time due to suspected violation of the terms set forth herein. Anyone who violates these official rules is ineligible for payment of any reward.

The Program supports referrals to Ubiquity’s Saver(k) Reserve(k) and Custom(k) products, and no payments will be made for referral(s) to other Ubiquity product(s).

If the Referee’s plan is canceled for any reason within 90 days of the effective date, Ubiquity’s standard plan termination costs will apply.

Non-Solicitation Agreement
If you participate in the Program, you agree not to solicit applications for any Ubiquity products. You agree not to compensate, or accept any compensation from, applicants whom you refer to Ubiquity through the Program. You further agree that your activities will be limited to informing your contacts about Ubiquity’s products so that they may independently decide whether or not to purchase a qualified Ubiquity product. To qualify for the Program, you may not collect information on behalf of your Referee or assist them in purchasing a 401(k) from Ubiquity.

No Spam
You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including anti-spam laws. Any distribution of Program materials, including by email or social media, must be done in a personal manner and must be in a form approved by Ubiquity in advance. Bulk email distribution and any use of automated devices or third-party services is prohibited. Program materials should only be sent to your own friends, colleagues, family members, and direct acquaintances whom you believe to be interested and eligible for a Ubiquity group 401(k) plan. Unauthorized participants may not purchase internet search terms or publicly advertise Ubiquity products, or name in any fashion. Further, any distribution of a Program materials that could constitute unsolicited commercial email or “spam,” any content which impersonates or implies an affiliation with or endorsement by Ubiquity, or any actions which otherwise violate any conditions imposed by Ubiquity, are prohibited and will be grounds for immediate termination.

Independent Contractor
Your participation in the Program is solely as an independent contractor. Neither you nor Ubiquity intend to establish an employment relationship and you are not entitled to any benefits. Rewards will be paid out within 10 business days by check (USPS) or gift card (email). If the reward paid to an individual in one calendar year exceeds $599 USD, then form W-9 may be required to be completed prior to Reward disbursement. Any payments that are not claimed within 180 days of the date the funds have been made available because direct deposit bank account or required tax information have not been provided will be forfeited. Ubiquity reserves the right to change or eliminate the Program at any time.

Discontinuation of Previous Referral Program
This Program replaces all earlier versions of the Ubiquity Referral Program.

Other Terms
Ubiquity reserves the right to amend or terminate this program at anytime. Any referral rewards are not transferable.

² Google ratings are based on client reviews of Ubiquity Retirement + Savings products and services. Details on the methodology Google employs to calculate ratings can be found here. Rates currently displayed are as of September 30, 2022 and are based on reviews from 2014 through 2022.

³ Flat fees are charged by Decimal, Inc. for recordkeeping and administrative services. Third-party service providers may assess asset-based fees to customers. Plan Sponsors are advised to review all service agreements with providers (e.g., investment advisors, custodians, broker-dealers) to evaluate total plan costs.

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© 2023 Ubiquity Retirement + Savings
Privacy Policy
Do not sell my info
44 Montgomery Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94104
Support: 855.401.4357

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