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Seamless 401(k) Solutions for Small Business Clients

Are you leaving the door open to the competition?

Human Capital Management (HCM) and payroll providers promise a simple, cost-effective cloud solution for small business payroll and benefits administration.

Often however, one important piece of the puzzle is absent: 401(k). Without the ability to incorporate retirement into small business benefits, startup and small business customers are forced to find retirement elsewhere—opening a door to the competition.

Ubiquity Retirement + Savings™, the original low-cost, flat-fee 401(k) plan provider, offers a turnkey, low-cost 401(k) solution that integrates with your platform, including 360-degree payroll integration.

You can deliver a seamless client experience across the entire benefits stack and grow your bottom line—at zero cost to your business.

Capitalize on the growing need for small business 401(k)

Of the more than five million small businesses with fewer than 100 employees in the United States, just 14%, or roughly 735,000, currently sponsor a retirement plan. That leaves over four million small businesses and their employees without access.

Percentage of small businesses by size, offering a retirement plan:

1-4 employees


5-11 employees


12-25 employees


25-100 employees



HCM and payroll providers have made significant strides in bringing simple, powerful payroll and benefits administration to small businesses, but due to lack of integration often haven’t incorporated retirement.

Ubiquity makes it easy to tap into this vast unserved market and expand your portfolio to deliver an all-in-one benefits solution.

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Seamless 401(k) solutions for small business clients

Ubiquity makes it simple for HCM and payroll providers to generate new revenue and complete their portfolio with small business 401(k) solutions. You can deliver retirement plans designed from the ground up specifically for the unserved and budget-conscientious small business customer—with little effort, at no cost to you.

Close the 401(k) product gap

With Ubiquity’s turnkey white-label solution, your startup and small business customers can access the industry’s leading flat-fee 401(k) platform.

Our 401(k) plans are designed and priced for businesses with 1-250 employees and have already helped thousands of small businesses and their employees save more than $2 billion towards their retirement.

Deliver an integrated 401(k) solution

Using our proprietary Paradigm™ software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, you can offer low-cost retirement plans for small business and sole proprietor customers through your digital channels, using single sign-on.

You can deliver a seamless consumer- and mobile-friendly customer experience under your brand, with little or no effort from your team.

Paradigm’s open application programming interface (API) integrates with payroll, Health Savings Account (HSA) and other benefits administration platforms that appeal to small and even micro-small businesses. Deliver the full spectrum of payroll and benefits administration in one place, with a consumer-friendly, fully automated self-service experience.

Seamless payroll integration

Ubiquity makes it easy to integrate 401(k) with payroll services. Choose from two options:

  • 180-degree integration: Ubiquity automatically collects census and payroll data from you on behalf of your customers, with no extra effort required by your team.
  • 360-degree integration: In addition to the above census and payroll collection, Ubiquity sends deferral information back to payroll—all automatically.
Picture of small clothing company owner.
“Excellent service. Very responsive and professional.”
- Nicole Brady, Geyser Equipment, LLC

Deliver a superior small business retirement solution

With nearly two decades of experience in flat-fee small business 401(k), you can rely on Ubiquity to deliver the best retirement solutions and services for your clients.

Bring customers a wide range of retirement investment options, including Vanguard and Investment Management services offered by Morningstar. Easily add a new incremental revenue stream for your business, while providing a seamless all-in-one experience for your clients.

We do the work, you get the benefits

Direct clients to Ubiquity and our small business retirement experts handle the rest, including sales, service, enrollment, recordkeeping, and administration.

We provide a dedicated, U.S.-based servicing team for our HCM/payroll partners and their clients. Your clients can get a 401(k) plan up and running in as little as 15 minutes, while you head off competitive threats and grow your business.

Partner with the industry leader in small business retirement

Many HCM and payroll providers would like to offer a complete small business benefits stack but have had few good options for retirement savings.

Large 401(k) providers offer complex plans that require a considerable effort to set up and administer—only to provide features that small businesses do not need and at prices they cannot afford.

At Ubiquity, we’ve been providing low-cost, flat-fee retirement plans to businesses with less than 250 employees since 1999. With nearly two decades of experience serving small business customers and the industry’s only proprietary, fully-owned digital enrollment and record-keeping platform, we lead the industry in small business 401(k) plans. We already power more than 100 payroll and benefits administration partners’ small business retirement solutions.

Let us help you deliver a complete small business benefits portfolio and grow your revenues—with minimal effort and zero cost to you.

Start here to set up a plan with Ubiquity Retirement + Savings™.

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Let us help you capitalize on this vast startup and small business retirement market—with minimal effort and zero cost to you.
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