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A Working Mommy’s Story



Lisa Chui is the VP of Finance + HR at Ubiquity Retirement + Savings. She is a 17-year veteran and expert in Silicon Valley finance with an emphasis in disruptive technology and start-ups. She began her career in marketing finance and later moved into the tech sector before venturing into Private Equity. Lisa currently heads up both the finance and HR functions at Ubiquity and spends her days budgeting, forecasting, recruiting and ensuring our employees are happy and engaged. She is excited to help propel Ubiquity’s growth through human capital, profitability, and innovation.


December 1, 2012 at 7:28 pm
Personal Finance


When our marketing + creative group sent out a call for bloggers and other social media gurus, I jumped on the chance to be part of this team. Why? Well, partly it’s because I just love to write and have my voice heard. However, I also love to endorse the best company for which I have ever worked. The Online 401(k) employs a unique set of values that I will be sharing with you over the next few months, that are truly making a difference in the lives of thousands of people as we help them save for retirement.

As our newly formed group gathered around a conference table to discuss what we would blog about, it quickly became clear what my interest and area of expertise was, and it didn’t really have anything to do with 401(k) at all. Yes, I am the Director of Finance and Accounting and could write all day about Income statements, accruals, and about all other sorts of nerdy accounting things.

But is that really what I want to share with everybody?

Nah! Who wants to read about balance sheets (except maybe other accountants)?

I want to write about being a Mom because to me that is my greatest accomplishment to date. And I want to share from a dual perspective – that of a working Mom, but also as an employer. I have plenty to share about being a working Mom, from finding that work-life balance, to staying cheerful and engaged with my son even when I am exhausted after a hard day.

Working at both great and not-so-great (okay, sometimes dreadful!) companies has also given me a breadth of knowledge of how employers can create welcoming and positive work environments for their employees who are also parents. Google was recently in the news for their generous maternity leave policy, and while that is a great benefit for the many Moms and Dads who work there, it isn’t always an option for a small business that doesn’t have billions in the bank.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t make little tweaks that can still help working parents greatly.

I’ll be both blogging and tweeting, so come follow me @MomFanciesParis for all my latest and greatest musings. You might even get a French word-of-the-day thrown in every now and again.

Until I hit the lotto and buy my flat overlooking the Seine, I’ll spend my days as a working Mom.

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