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Illustration: 2021 Matching contributions
4 Aug 2020

How Much Do Companies Typically Match on 401(k) in 2020?

Getting insight into how much companies are matching on 401(k)s in 2020 will help you…

401(k) plan audits
3 Aug 2020

How Layoffs Will Impact Your Upcoming 401(k) Plan Audit

If your company has been forced to lay off employees during the coronavirus pandemic, you…

Older business man using computer
30 Jul 2020

2020 Changes to RMD

A 401(k) is an optimal tool for reducing your tax liability, but you can't dodge…

Financial Wellness + Small Business Owner
24 Jul 2020

How to Save More in 2020 With a 401(k)

The sluggish economy may have you feeling anxious about your current tax burden and future…

Starting a new 401(k) for your small business
24 Jul 2020

4 Tips for 401(k) Administration in 2020

These are “rare and unprecedented times,” as countless newspaper articles suggest. The global pandemic has…

Elephant in the room.
17 Jul 2020

It’s time to “retire” traditional approaches to retirement…and address the elephant in the room

Our world was turned upside down over the last few months as the coronavirus (COVID-19)…

Entrepreneur Managing a Roth Solo 401(k)
10 Jul 2020

Self-Directed Solo 401(k) Investment Possibilities

One of the great advantages of a self-directed Solo 401(k) is the wide range of…

Calculator with a display on blue paper
19 Jun 2020

What Happens If You Contribute Too Much to 401(k)?

Contact your plan sponsor right away if you think you have contributed too much to…

Man checks retirement account through Ubiquity 401(k) Provider
19 Jun 2020

How Much Will I Get If I Cash Out My 401(k) Early?

Considering a 401(k) withdrawal? Here’s how much you can get if you choose to cash…

Frenchie dog by owner african american man working on laptop looking for retirement plans
19 Jun 2020

How Much Can I Contribute to My 401(k) With Employer Matching?

In 2020, the total annual contribution maximum, including 401(k) employer matching, is $57,000–or up to…

Couple managing the debt
19 Jun 2020

What Reasons Can You Withdraw From a 401(k) Without Penalty?

You can make withdrawals from a 401(k) without IRS penalty under several circumstances: You’re age…


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