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small business employee no 401k match
22 Dec 2022

What If My Employer Doesn’t Offer a 401(K) Match?

If your employer does not offer a 401(k) match, you still have lots of options…

Group of friends enjoying out with sparklers. Young men and women enjoying new years eve with fireworks.
15 Dec 2022

Start the New Year With a 401(k)

Start the New Year off right by launching a retirement plan for your small business…

graphic of a chalkboard with white icons on it such as a graph, a computer, a pie chart, currency symbols, etc with a light bulb illuminating blue text that reads What you need to know!
7 Dec 2022

6 401(k) Secrets – What You Need to Know

What’s the secret to successful 401(k) investing? For many people, a 401(k) retirement account is…

Young woman reviewing financial statements.
4 Dec 2022

6 Reasons to Switch Your Retirement Plan Provider

Thinking about switching your retirement plan provider? How do you know if it’s time to…

Glowing white illustration of the word AUTOMATION with a finger pointing to it, with several computerized buttons surrounding it in an artist's rendering of cyberspace: black background with orange glowing dots
23 Nov 2022

3 Reasons Why Automatic Enrollment is Awesome

55 million American workers—more than 40% of full-time, private-sector employees—don’t have access to a workplace…

woman seated at desk and man standing, pointing to computer screen with Ubiquity logo
9 Nov 2022

How to Pick a Small Business 401(k) Provider

The retirement plan market has become more crowded in recent years, underscoring the difficulty of…

Image of a dock and the Ubiquity "U" in a life vest with a lifesaver
2 Nov 2022

3 Reasons to Start a Safe Harbor 401(k) 

While avoiding certain IRS non-discrimination testing is usually the main reason small businesses switch over…

Photo of two sets of hands at desk using tech tools and charts
27 Oct 2022

How to Start a 401(k) for Your Small Business

Along with competitive compensation and robust healthcare benefits, offering a retirement savings package such as…

Manage your retirement plan during market volatility
10 Oct 2022

How to Recession-Proof Your 401(k)

Panic is palpable during a recession. Watching the daily dip in the Dow can be…

Navigating your retirement account during market volatility
5 Oct 2022

Should I Stop Contributing to My 401(k) When the Market Is Down?

The news headlines may have you feeling financially defensive. It’s natural to feel nervous about…

Aerial photo of port of Annapolis, MD.
3 Oct 2022

A Business Owner’s Guide to the MD $aves Program

To help Maryland residents build their retirement savings, the state of Maryland is rolling out…


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© 2023 Ubiquity Retirement + Savings
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44 Montgomery Street, Suite 3060
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