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Amanda wants to live in a world where retirement security is no longer a dream. When she’s not nerding out on social media, you can find her exploring life through her motto, “live life like a curious child with a meticulous attention to details.” Her retirement goals are to travel and own a French vineyard. Happy saving #SaverNation


September 11, 2015 at 1:26 pm
Personal Finance


In the fight against the looming retirement crisis, knowledge really is power, and there’s no better place to start than the internet. Every day brings the opportunity to learn about the state of retirement in America, the financial habits of everyday people and money hacks to make your life easier.

We believe that the solution starts with educating people and encouraging them to start talking about the realities of planning for retirement and managing their finances. However, we know that oftentimes some of these resources fall through the cracks and that people are too busy to take the time to seek out the right information.

That’s why Amanda’s Feed was created. We are out there searching for noteworthy news, research and technology that we feel is interesting, relevant and educational. Amanda’s Feed will curate interesting articles, apps and tools that could make your life easier. You don’t have to be a pro to know what’s trending in the retirement industry.

Without further ado, here’s the first installment of Amanda’s Feed! If you see something you’d like included in future posts, feel free to tweet me the link to @ubiquitysavings.

  1. We’re Making Life Too Hard for Millennials

Millennials should be fearful of their financial futures, even though many of the predicaments they are in – expensive college tuitions, irresponsible fiscal policies from the government – were caused by other people. Those are some of the main takeaways from this piece by The New York Times, which references alarming research that shows younger generations are earning less, despite attaining higher levels of education. It forces us to think about what the quality of life will be for generations to come. The article asks us to think about some tough questions: Who is responsible for the financial meltdown of the future generation? Can this downward spiral, paired with the effect of the looming retirement crisis, spell out the plight of millennials?

  1. 5 Reasons the Retirement Crisis is Worse for Women Than Men

Did you know that women between 55 and 64 have just $81,000 saved for retirement, whereas men of the same age group have saved about $118,000? That’s a 46 percent difference! This article from The Week offers five possible reasons why women may be less prepared financially for their futures. It’s a great read on what women can do to regain their financial power and why they may have more working against them than you think.

  1. Family 401(k)

Retirement is not just about finances. While that is certainly important, so is emotional satisfaction. This article from The Philadelphia Inquirer tells the story of a couple who took an unconventional path to retirement that fulfilled their goals even though it considerably reduced their nest egg. They took “family comes first” to a whole new level, and couldn’t be happier with the path they have chosen. For some, retirement simply means being happy and having enough to get by rather than living in luxury.

  1. Retire Logix

There is a finally an app that can help people plan around their desires and needs for retirement, and it’s all over our radar. It’s a calculator that factors in how different income sources could finance your retirement. Not only can you customize a plan based on your preferences and financial status, you can do it for FREE! There is also a PRO version, which costs $1.99 and includes an education planner that allows families to factor in future costs associated with higher education. You can even browse schools to see which one fits into your budget. It’s a great way to start thinking about what your goals are and how you need to adjust your behavior now to save for the Future You.